Blue Streaks News · District 200 Phase 4 Plan

Please read below to get all the information that you will need about District 200’s Phase 4 Plan for summer camps.


District 200 Phase 4  High School Athletics Protocol


  1. Workouts can be conducted inside or outside and students are limited to 5 hours of participation per day.  If inclement weather is forecasted cancel the workout. 
  2. Consult with the trainer when the heat index rises to a point that requires modification or cancellation of your workout. 
  3. Outdoor guidelines:  Multiple groups of 50 or fewer participants are permitted in an outdoor facility as long as the outdoor facilities allow for social distancing of students, coaches and spectators, 100 yards of distancing is maintained between groups/opposing teams on the sidelines and areas for each group are clearly marked to discourage interaction between groups outside of competitive game play. The maximum group size will be 48 students, a coach and an athletic trainer joining the group at times. One hundred yards of space must be maintained between multiple gatherings of 50 when outdoors.  
  4. Indoor guidelines: indoor limits for workouts of 50 individuals is the maximum no matter the spacing.  Multiple groups of students of 50 are not allowed indoors during Phase 4.
  5. All athletes must wear masks indoors. 
  6. No contact is allowed in any sports. 
  7. Each athlete must have a signed waiver from their parents or guardians on file before they are scheduled into a group. 
  8. Each athlete will be asked to bring a face covering, hand sanitizer (if available)  and a water bottle to practice.
  9. Each coach will wear a face covering  during the entire workout.  Officials must wear a face covering at all times except when ACTIVELY exercising as  part of their officiating duties and using an electronic whistle.  Mouth whistles and blow horns are not allowed for safety.  Officials are encouraged to wear a face covering whenever feasible to decrease risk of transmission.  
  10. Each player will wear a face covering to the check-in station and at any point, they are not socially distancing from other students. 
  11.  Each coach will provide the district with a list of activities, the materials used will dictate how long is needed to clean the area before the next group will be allowed in.  (
  12. When students are not actively participating in a drill, practice, or contest students will stay 6 feet apart.
  13. Students should arrive for the workout no earlier than 5 minutes ahead of the workout and meet their coach six feet apart while waiting to check-in.  Athletic Director/Athletic trainer will review temperature/symptom screening procedure with coaches if the athletic trainer is not on site to provide this service.
  14. Each athlete will have their temperature taken and will answer screening questions at a check-in station before they begin the workout.  The temperature needs to be below 100.4.  The  Athletic Trainer or coach will document temperature/screening questions on this form for all participants, including coaches and athletic trainers on a daily basis.  Please review the FDA guidance on use of Infrared thermometers.  Athletic Trainer/Coach will maintain attendance records and temperature/screening records on a daily basis and will release this information if needed for contact tracing in the event that we are dealing with a possible/positive case of COVID-19.  Interactions of athletes who are within 6 feet of each other for 15 minutes or longer is considered an exposure during the investigation process when we are dealing with the health department.
  15. If symptoms are present the student should not participate in practice. The Athletic Trainer or coach must contact the parent to notify of symptoms and the student should be sent home.  The student needs physician clearance to return to play.
  16. For summer programming, contact Lisa Tate at (815) 219-1237 regarding all students/coaches or trainers that are identified as having symptoms as this information may need to be reported to the health department. We will work with the health department on the need for testing of students, contact tracing and decisions about potential closure of athletic programs if we have possible or positive cases of COVID-19 infections
  17. Hand sanitizing stations where students check-in must be used..
  18. A detailed cleaning plan will be developed for each workout to ensure the proper safety precautions. 
  19. Weight equipment must be wiped down thoroughly before and after an individual’s use of equipment.
  20. There should be no shared athletic towels, clothing, or shoes between students.
  21. Athletic equipment such as bats and batting helmets should be cleaned between use.  Other equipment, such as catchers gear, helmets/pads, wrestling ear guards, football helmets, other helmets, pads, gloves, eye-wear should be worn by only one individual and not shared.
  22. Shared equipment such as athletic balls, thud pads, sleds should be cleaned frequently during practice and competitions.  
  23. No spectators will be allowed to watch the workout.  If students are dropped off for the workout, the driver must not exit the car.
  24. Signage about symptoms and transmission of COVID-19 should be posted around facilities.