Blue Streak Baseball Expectations


In an effort to establish a sincere commitment to each other and to the Woodstock High School baseball program in an atmosphere conducive to both an enjoyable and successful season, the following expectations and rules shall apply. Behavior, whether on or off the field, should be in the best interest of the baseball program, the athletic department, and Woodstock High School.

1. Classes should be attended regularly and on time, remembering that players are students first and athletes second. Players are expected to maintain a ‘B’ average or higher in each class. If you are experiencing difficulty with a class, tell the coaches and the teacher early so that help can be provided.

2. BE ON TIME! Practice begins at 3:30 p.m. every day. Players are expected to be in their practice uniforms (gray baseball pants, blue baseball t-shirt, blue hat, blue socks and belt) and on the field at that time. In the event of an academic or other obligation in which a player will be late to practice, the head coach must be informed. Furthermore, any special conditions are to be cleared with Coach Prill in advance.

3. Players are expected to attend all practices, games, and other events scheduled and/or specified. If you don’t practice, you don’t play. Practice is necessary for the team to achieve the goals and expectations of the upcoming season. A player cannot become better without practice. If you are absent from school, contact the head coach via email, phone, or school mail (ask the school secretaries to put a note in the coach’s mailbox). If you are in school you are expected to be at practice.

4. Instructions issued by the coaches, teachers, and/or administrators should be followed. Their knowledge and years of experience warrant your trust. Take “care of business” in a timely manner and meet all deadlines.

5. Give your best effort at all times, whether it is in the classroom, during off-season conditioning, practice, or game play. Anything less is not acceptable.

6. Respect the game. Players are expected to control their language and temper. Do not throw the equipment. Uniforms must be clean, jerseys and practice tees tucked in, and pants worn down to the ankles. Sprint on and off the field, in the dugout after a strike out, and to first base on a walk. Do not argue with umpires. Work hard on maintaining a positive image. Negative behavior and sloppy appearances reflect poorly on the entire baseball program, the athletic department, and Woodstock High School.

7. During “baseball time” (pre-practice, practice, and game time) concentrate on baseball. Make the most of the opportunity given to you. Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right.

8. Rest and nutrition are critical for peak performance. To succeed, you must be mentally and physically ready to play, practice, and study. Take care of your body. Eat right and follow the instructions advised by the athletic training staff.

9. The use of alcohol, all tobacco products, and illicit drugs are prohibited at all times. This includes the use of performance enhancing drugs, i.e. steroids, HGH. Woodstock High School and IHSA policies on such products will be strictly enforced. An infraction of this rule will result in the immediate suspension and possible dismissal from the team. Live a healthy lifestyle. DRUGS SHOULD NEVER BE USED! STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO USE DRUGS!

10. Hazing will not be tolerated. Given events over the past several years around the country concerning hazing, players will be immediately dismissed from the team. All hazing incidents will be reported to the Athletic Director. Respect your teammates, we are a family.

11. All practices or other non-game related activities, unless otherwise specified, are closed. Parent support is highly encouraged by the coaches. However, it is important that during practice there are no player distractions. The coaches are open to any questions or comments concerning the baseball program, but we ask that they wait until appropriate times.

12. If you are unhappy or have a question or concern, discuss it with the appropriate person, i.e. coach, teammate, teacher, administrator, etc. Avoid negative comments and/or complaining to other players, parents, or friends; go directly to the source and “talk it over.” Constructive criticism can be helpful, negative criticism seldom is. Be positive and supportive. The same holds true for parents. Public comments resolve nothing and only lead to more serious problems.

With little effort, these expectations should be easily met. Failure to abide by these expectations and any behavior which is detrimental to the goals and expectations of the program will not be tolerated. Consequences for infractions are under the coaches’ discretion and include extra conditioning, loss of playing time, suspension, and/or immediate removal from a game. Chronic infractions may lead to a player’s dismal from the program.

As coaches, we will give our best effort to make this a rewarding and successful season. If you would like extra help with your studies or baseball skills, let us know. Our doors are always open. We are good listeners and want to help in any way we can, whether it is baseball related or not.


Woodstock High School Baseball Coaching Staff