On Field Rules


The following rules shall apply whether during practice time or game time. Players may be immediately removed from a game or practice and will have to earn their playing time back. Conditioning for infractions will occur after practice.

1. Uniforms will be clean and tucked in. This includes practice pants and shirts.

2. Proper uniform attire shall be worn during practice and game time. Players not dressed according to the weather will not play in a game and will be sent home from practice. Unexcused absences will take effect for players sent home.

3. Hats will be worn properly and pants will be worn down to the ankles.

4. Players will sprint on and off the field, to first base on a walk, on the base paths, on defense, and in the dugout after a strike out.

5. Equipment will not be thrown. Equipment includes helmets, bats, gloves, hats, baseballs in the dugout, water bottles/jugs, etc.

6. Jewelry is not to be worn. Jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

7. Only Woodstock High School apparel will be worn in the dugout and at practice.

8. Spikes will be on when told to do so when traveling for away games and before going on the field for practice or home games.

9. Socializing with parents and friends before or during games will not be tolerated.

10. Player responsibilities are to be done to the best of their ability during games and practices. Responsibilities include equipment set up, field maintenance, charts, foul ball crew, etc.