Parent Expectations





  1. The parents will communicate fairly and openly with coaches by:
  • Communicating openly, honestly, and with respect.
  • Communicating issues and concerns in a timely manner including those of physical and emotional well-being on behalf of their student.
  • Understand and accept that playing time and game strategy will not be discussed.
  • Following an appropriate chain of communication such as:
  • Parent and Coach/Assistant Coach
  • Parent and Athletic Director
  • Parent and Principal
  • Attending parent meetings and reading information disseminated by the coaches.


  1. The parents will demonstrate good sportsmanship by displaying the following behaviors:
  • Providing support for coaches and officials in order to provide a positive, enjoyable experience for all student athletes.
  • Understanding the game is for the students and not for the adults.
  • Recognizing that student participation in athletics is a privilege.
  • Using good sportsmanship as a spectator and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well on both the team and the school.
  • Promoting the team by being supportive and helpful of the school program.
  • Refraining from coaching their student from the stands or sidelines.
  • Expecting consistent student attendance at practices and games.


  1. The parents will create a positive and supportive environment to promote their student/athlete’s well-being by:
  • Supporting good conditioning and healthy life style habits.
  • Placing the emotional and physical well-being of their student ahead of any personal desire to win.
  • Expecting their student to play in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Supporting their student in planning how to meet their academic responsibilities given the demands of training and practice.
  • Being a role model for other parents by remaining positive at sporting events.