Dance Team Parent Handbook

Guardian Responsibilities:


As a dance team guardian we also will hold you to higher standards. We ask that you remember that we are the coaches and will make decisions based on what is best for for the team. Having so many different dancers and families as part of our team we will not always be able to make everyone happy. We will do the best we can to make everyone happy with having the team’s best interest at heart.There are certain things you are allowed to approach me about and matters you are not.  We will use 8 to 18 for communication for the team as a whole, and questions can be emailed to


Questions Allowed:

If your dancer is sick or you have a family emergency.

If you would like to volunteer  for fundraisers, team dinners, team bonding, or to help on game and competition days.

Practice, performance, event, and competition schedules about dates, times, and what to wear.  This will be handed out and updated if necessary (8 to 18.

Questions Not allowed:

To discuss your dancers position in a formation.

The routines to which he or she dances and is in.

Discussion of other dancers on the team besides your own.


We take each dancer’s privacy very serious and we will never discuss a dancer with another parent.

Please sign stating you will comply with the following rules:


Print name_______________________________ Date_____________


Sign Name_______________________________ Date_____________




Guardian Responsibilities: Coach’s Copy


Print name_______________________________ Date_____________


Sign Name_______________________________ Date_____________

Financial Responsibilities of Dance Team Members There are significant costs involved in being a member of Dance Team.


Summer Dance Clinic:

Depending what route we choose may be an additional cost of at least $50.  We may do a dance clinic over the summer. Once decided the dates and times will be discussed, pricing will be decided upon as well.   


Approximate Cost For Supplies

We would use these items for the next 4+ years to keep costs per dancer low.

Shoes and Tights:

Varsity Strut: tan leather Jazz Shoe $50.00

Bloch Troupe: black split sole dance sneaker $56.00

Convertible tights $18.00

Extreme pack: all above items included $99.00*savings of $25.00  

Fleece and Legging together $100.00*savings of $35.90

Dance Bag $50.00

Bow $12.95


Additional items: online shop, not needed, can purchase if you want more dance swag

Lightweight Jacket Pullover $63.95


Total: $261.95

Depending on shoes you already have, tights may only needed to be ordered.


These prices can be cut to $0.00 with the dance team having successful fundraising! Each girl will be responsible for doing her part in each fundraiser. We will work to provide as many fundraisers as needed and expect that each dancer do her part to be successful. Other expenses may occur throughout the year due to competitions.


Balance due June 21st, at the end of practice at 3:00pm so items can be ordered.


Varsity Uniform: If we can raise enough money we can order JV the same uniforms, these will be available to us for the next 5-8 years, so this doesn’t need to be a rushed thing.


Fundraising Summer:

Blue Streak Open:

Friday June 1st, we are in charge of hole #4, the hole in one challenge.  Shift will be for two hour time slots, 9:30-11:30 AM, 11:30 AM -1:30 PM, and 1:30-3:30 PM   2-3 girls plus one supervisor for each two hour block (parents you can help as a supervisor, we can have two supervisors). You will be cheering on the golfers as they try to hit a hole in one. If you did not do the Ford Drive 4 our School, you will need to help with the Blue Streak Open.  

The morning of, at check-in, you will receive a box of cards from the car dealership.  Every golfer must receive ONE card after their attempt.  It’s important that every golfer gets one, and only one.  Only the golfers receive the cards, no one else.

The leftover cards will need to be given to one of the committee members after the last golfer has made their attempt.  We have to return the leftover cards to the dealership.


Those interested in golfing can sign up and register with this link.  

Summer Dance Camp:

June 12, 13, 14 from 1:00pm -3:00pm, practice to follow after until 3:30pm.  We will be at VDELC for this too. We will split into groups, choreograph dances, and create a mini dance showcase for the parents to come watch on the last day from 2:30-3:00pm.  All the campers will perform their routines for their families at Verda Dierzen.


Summer Dance Practice Schedule:

I know summer is a great time for vacation, time away from school and sports, and time to work and make money. Taylor and I are also going to be doing things over the summer. We will all need to be flexible with the summer scheduling.  Most likely it will stay Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00-3:00pm. 


June Schedule:

Practice will be held at Verda Dierzen in the gym as well as using the grass field.  Some dancers have summer school, coach Taylor is also doing summer school so we will have practice starting 1:00-3:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays starting the first full week of June on June 5th-28th.  We will take of the first week of July off for the 4th of July celebrations (July 3rd-5th). During this time we will see July and August. * It will most likely continue to be Tuesdays-Thursdays but the time may change.  


Fall Practice Schedule:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at Olson Elementary School 3:45-5:45 pm. Dancers will be able to walk from Woodstock High School to Olson together.


Football Game Schedule:

Varsity and Junior Varsity Dance Teams will perform as 1 team at all home football games (Larry Dale Field),  for both the JV (5:00pm) and Varsity (7:00pm) games. Your dancer will do our halftime routine, perform with the band by dancing in the stands during time outs when the band is playing, as well as doing the school song.  Our team will stay for the entire game until varsity is over.


8/24/18 vs. Garry West Varsity Game only, JV is traveling

9/7/18 vs. Sycamore (Thunder Night)

9/21/18 vs. Johnsburg (Future Bluestreak Night)

9/28/18 vs. Harvard (Homecoming)

10/5/18 vs. Richmond Burton (Senior Night)

*10/12/18 We may perform at Halftime or Dress and go to the game 10/12/18 at WNHS (1st National Challenge)

Team Dinners:

We will be having team dinners together at 4:15 on Friday game days.  This was we can eat together, stretch, and run through the dance before the first game at 5:00 pm.

Have items ready by 4:15 in the commons, if you need to drop off things for the dinner the day before drop them off after practice on Thursday so I can drive them over to Verda Dierzen and use the fridge there and bring them with me to the high school before the game on Friday.  There are 5 games and 26 families, 5-6 families sign up for each game and decide together what to bring for 28 people.