Player Expectations





  1. The student athletes of High School will be committed to the school athletic program on and off season by:
  • Following the rules set by the coaches and the school.
  • Participating enthusiastically.
  • Making appropriate personal sacrifices for the good of the team.
  • Recognizing that student participation in athletics is a privilege.
  • Setting challenging and realistic goals.
  • Developing a winning attitude.
  • Maintaining high academic standards.
  • Being committed to skill development in their sport.


  1. The student athletes of Woodstock High School will communicate openly and honestly with respect for coaches, teammates, parents, officials, and opponents by:
  • Developing a team attitude.
  • Being coachable and open to constructive feedback.
  • Sharing appropriate individual and team concerns with the coaching staff.


  1. The student athletes of Woodstock High School will demonstrate good citizenship and sportsmanship by:


  • Behaving with integrity.
  • Exhibiting pride in their team and school.
  • Playing by the rules.
  • Accepting responsibility as a role model for others.
  • Supporting other sports and under level teams.
  • Playing with dignity and grace, regardless of winning or losing.


  1. The student athletes of Woodstock High School will develop and maintain mental and physical (health) behaviors by:
  • Being alcohol and drug free.
  • Practicing self-discipline.
  • Demonstrating good personal health habits.
  • Dealing with challenges in a positive manner.