Spectator’s Code of Conduct


Winning is often so important that some people have lost sight of the educational values inherent in athletics. To ensure the full benefit of athletics as an educational tool is utilized, the Woodstock High School baseball program has concerned itself with spectator sportsmanship.

The playing of the game should be regarded by the spectators as an art, and should be appreciated and enjoyed as such. Respect for all participants, coaches, and officials, regardless of their own team loyalty, is essential for raising the standards of good sportsmanship.

Ethical Considerations for Spectators

1. Recognize the umpire as a person of integrity and competence and respect the decisions accordingly.

2. Refrain from creating disturbances which would be detrimental to the flow of the game and/or to the safety of the participants involved.

3. Refrain from harassment, profane language, or obscene behavior toward players, coaches, umpires, visiting teams, and other spectators.

4. Become familiar with the rules of the game in order to enjoy it more and to understand the decisions of the umpires.

5. Exhibit respect for the local policies and regulations regarding the usage of athletic facilities.

6. Exhibit team loyalties and support without negative action toward their opponents or umpires of the game.

Flagrant violations of the Woodstock High School baseball program’s Spectators Code of Conduct will result in the immediate dismissal from the contest. Written documentation by the coaching staff will be given to the Athletic Director of Woodstock High School.